Dance, Acro, Tumbling, Parties   


2019-2020 Tuition Rates

Registration: Due at time of enrollment.

$25 for the 1st Student

$15 for each additional immediate family member


 *Each month’s full tuition-installment is due from                                                                                                   September through June or from the time a student enrolls.

 * Students will not be charged extra for months with 5 classes, nor will monthly tuition rates be prorated for months with less than 4 classes. Students will not be charged extra for Parade or Production practices. 

* There are no makeup classes for scheduled closings and some inclement weather closings. 

*Students who miss a class may have the opportunity to make it up with a similar class the following week. You must check with the office to determine which class will be best. 

* Payments:

 1-Preferred  mode of payment is auto draft. With auto draft, you have no worries about late fees or forgetting your payment. 

 2-Payments can be made online by logging on to your parent portal account using the email address you provided during enrollment.

 3-Payments may also be made at the studio with credit card or cash. SLDC does Not accept checks.

Please note: 

There will be additional fees for Christmas Parade participation & costumes and Production participation & costumes. 

  • Prices are per student.  Each additional immediate family member receives a discount off their classes.

  • Competitive Rates Vary

  • All fees are non-refundable, non transferrable. 

  • Parades & Annual Production fees and costume fees are not included in your class payment rates.

  • There is a $15.00 late fee for all payments made after the 7th of each month.
  Monthly Payment Amount
Due 1st Day of Each Month
  1 Class/Week
$45  per Month

Additional Family Members 

$35 per Month

Each Additional Class 
$35 Per Month
  Unlimited Classes
$155  (Best Deal)

No Family Discount on Unlimited Classes
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Lethal Explosion Competition Team Classes                    
 Monthly Payment Amount 
Due 1st Day of Each Month
1 Team Class, 1 ThunderPunch, 1 Ballet Class, 
2 Team  Classes,  1 ThunderPunch, 1 Ballet Class,

Unlimited Team Classes, 1 ThunderPunch, 1 Ballet Class
Unimited Recreational Classes
 $165  Best Deal Ever!
Check in office for immediate family discount
pricing for teams!
*Add a recreational class to option 1 or 2 for only 
$20 per month!